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Our program is organized so that the sorors have opportunities to know mare about the sorority locally and nationally. Then when our task on dart, O Lord is ended, Grant us a home above. Basileus should see that soror helps each new member to property execute the handshake. If you were my brother's keeper Would you fight me over a girl? If you convert often, they may be worthwhile.

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How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is more than a sisterhood. Devoted to truth, a bond of our youth, That keeps our hearts clean and pure to the end. Would I ever lose your trust? Or would you take me to the green when I didn't set it out?

What you do with that is entirely up to you and your conscience. Take from me any selfishnes and lack of purpose which could keep me from following the ideals of the organization. Candidates wear black dresses, Pantsuits are not acceptable for either the sorors or the candidates. As soon as one goes down, another pops up somewhere else.

These cards are to be kept on file by the chapter. Nothing but silence prevails. And may this noble sisterhood be always our delight.

Delta's ideals ever stronger, Glorious in our triumphant power. Are you willing to comply with this perspective?

The grip or handshake has three parts. If you were my brother's keeper Would you let anything come between us? The Soror should enjoy more informal and social meetings with Ivies as sisters, not as superiors.

All necessary items for the ceremony should be in place at least one-half hour prior to the time of the ceremony. The sponsor of each candidate should be at her side.

If you were my brother's keeper Would you put me right on track? If the person is not initiated, the reason must be recorded on the back of the card. The following suggestions ar e made for good rela tionships between Ivy Leaf Pledge Club members and Sorors. Regardless of why we want to do it, most of us have downloaded media and converted it for our own use.

We, in this sisterhood, are bound together by affection, by common interests, beliefs and inspiration. Basileus, there is an alarm at the door. Do you wish to unite with this group of women who are dedicated to the expansion of their college and communities by assuming greater responsibilities? When the moon appears those pleasant mem - ries.

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Wear white dress for remaining degrees. Alpha are a sacred trust to be honored in such a manner that what Alpha Kappa Alpha is will be in each one of you.

For in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, challenging days will be ahead. Kappa Alpha Sorority we merge our endeavors with others and together we raise our standards high for all to see. Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha operates within the national Organization according to a constitution which meets the requirements for affiliation.

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These words are the Greek words, Askosi, Kai Axiosis. The old man crossed in the twilight dim - that sullen stream had no fears for him, but he turned when he reached the other side, and built a bridge to span the sullen tide. But if she wears the Delta symbol. Instill into the hearts of Thy servants each day, fresh confidence in Thy goodness.

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Basileus then asks new members to step within the larger circle to sing the Initiation Hymn and then repeat together the Pledge. Your vows have been said, and your pledge made. Eternal Spirit, we yearn for a better understanding of spiritual things and a closer walk with Thee, that we may interpret aright the times in which we live. Candidates, are you willing to enter deeper into the mysteries of our organization? You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide, why build you the bridge at eventide?

Your faith and trust have brought you to this point. Or will you catch an attitude When I can not meet your demands? Candles are then extinguished and the pledgees march from the inner room in solemn music. Come to us then And whisper words of peace. Would you disrespect my family?

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