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He is currently studying audio engineering at the University of South Carolina. If they ever come to Oklahoma, I would go see them in a heartbeat. Keep singing for the Lord and He is doing marvelous things with your songs.

After attending a Delirious concert in he was inspired to become a professional drummer. Do they ever tour in the United States? Can somebody help me please.

You do not have to know Hindi to worship with them! Apart from his camera talents he is also a great sound engineer and social media expert. His favourite sport is football but he seeks to inspire many people through the gospel of hope in Jesus Christ! So happy that India is truly embracing Jesus- the one true living and only God over everyone, amen.

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Yeshua Band Hindi Songs are given above. Seeing other drummers play in church inspired him to practice more and get better so that he would one day be one of the best worship drummers around. Ryan has been a part of the Yeshua Ministries and has stayed faithful to his call through every journey this ministry has been through in all these years!

Five top songs of Yeshua are given in this article. Mail will not be published required.

Even when his hands were still too small to reach the strings, he already had a passion to play the guitar. Download the latest version here. Can you translate it to English? Even non-christians in my class sing your songs.

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This band is out of world, awesome and i am a big fan of yeshua band. We will keep adding more and more Christian hindi songs from Yeshua Band. Born and brought up in a Hindu-Maharashtrian family, software for pc Nitin accepted Jesus Christ in the year and later joined the Yeshua Ministries as a support team. He self-taught by listening to gospel songs by Hillsong and Delirious. Here i used to sing devotional songs in English and Malayalam in our church.


He believes that God made sure to open the right doors for him to further his passion through music and ministry. She excels in social media and sound engineering. He became passionate about Christ and serving Him was the motivation for every decision in his life.

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In pursuit of his dreams Eby left Kerala and came to Mumbai to follow his passion for videography and photography. Like most of the other band members, he was also raised up in a Christian family with Godly parents and grandparents who have been a great source of encouragement and influence in his life. He does play drums and bass as well, but electric guitar is his absolute favourite. Her ultimate vision is to support missionaries as she believes that these missionaries deserve more for what they are doing. But you can play these songs as much as you like.

Slow n steady persons always take heed of as possible meet all upto great perfectionism values. Love it and keep up the good work. Seeing his faithfulness, he was asked to step up and join the main worship team as one of their keyboardist in and today, he plays an important role in the ministry.

Eby joined Yeshua in and since then he has helped the band faithfully with his talents and expertise. Jenny, a Dutch national, was born and brought up in the Netherlands.

Right now i sing in English and Malayalam in our church choir. This entry is filed under Songs. May the Almighty guide and Bless you. Apart from doing ministry, Cameron is also a painter and a sketch artist and loves playing badminton and football in his free time. Facebook Twitter Google Print.

We would like to have the copyright of this song. Dear brother, We like your songs very much.

Benjamin from Gurgaon, Haryana. Other than drums he also plays bass, keys and lead guitar and on top of that he is a great sound engineer who knows his way around the latest software and sound equipment. Kindly give permission for the same.

But apart from that, she is also an excellent bassist and a wonderful cook. Hallo Brother Georgy, I would like share my pleasure to the glory of God. This gave birth to Yeshua Ministries in and since then there has been no turning back. Within the team Eby is also responsible for a lot of the comedy and inside jokes.

Where can i buy the album from? With a heart to serve the body of Christ, he travelled with the band all over the country, carrying their instruments, handling merchandise and supporting them in every possible way.

We believe Alvin is one of the most versatile and multi-talented people on our team. Get Updates via Email for Free.


Any doubts you can call me in my cellphone given below. He is now grown to become one of the most versatile bass players in India. Do continue to the glory of God. When people come together with the same vision, miracles happen! They love singing and getting a chance to record an album, has chosen to record this song.

He attributes his success to God, knowing that without Him he would not have come this far in life. God Bless you and your team. Zenas has won many Jazz Awards over the years and is currently studying jazz at the University of South Carolina.

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