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The series employs a serial format, with each episode contributing to the overall storyline. On the day before a big test, Stella enters a beauty contest. Although the Red Fountain boys failed to deliver the troll, they remark they are starting to feel like a team. She is caught by him and is forced down a cliff.

The boys arrive and instead learn they'll be working as janitors, though they still play music as they work. The season revolves around Bloom, a year-old girl from Earth who discovers she has magical abilities, as she enrolls in the Alfea College for Fairies. The Winx venture inside and find Stella who begins attacking them!

Your ideal spring afternoon

Your ideal spring afternoon

Winx Club (season 1)

Using the same secret tunnel the Trix used earlier, the girls sneak into Cloudtower without a hitch while the Trix are out. As Stella's magic scepter is stolen, Bloom intervenes, discovering that she has magical powers and manages to turn the tide. Riven rejoins the Specialists. They encounter the troll who is harassing some other Alfea fairies, and chase him off, however, the Trix find the troll and send him away. The Trix lead the Army of Decay in a final attack on Alfea.

After searching their room, Stella finds her ring, but the tunnel doesn't reopen and the Winx are forced to find the main exit without getting caught. While calling her parents, she spots Knut spying on her friends, and follows him.

Together, they form the Winx Club. List of Winx Club episodes.

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Poppixie World of Winx Live-action series. The girls transform, and quickly learn that the entire date was a plot by the Trix.

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An infuriated Icy throws the ring away and plans to begin the search all over again. Upset about the events at Redfountain, Bloom returns to Earth.

She moves them to Black-Mud Swamp. Knut returns with more ghouls and a troll, launching a surprise attack at Bloom's home. Meanwhile, the Shadow Phoenix breaks the Trix out of prison.

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Stella then suddenly vanishes, leaving the other four to find Prince Sky at Redfountain for information. Bloom returns to Earth during spring break. Bloom follows the spirit of her older-sister Daphne and regains her Dragon Fire powers. However, when she didn't wear it, they sent Darcy disguised as Stella back to Alfea to find it. During classes, Bloom notices that Stella is absent and goes back to their dorm to check, only to find Stella has torn the room apart!

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The next morning, Bloom has agreed to go to Alfea. After Bloom manages to beat her rival, the friends celebrate, and Bloom and Sky share their first kiss. Bloom meets a kind witch named Mirta. While Bloom prepares her dress for the ball, she spots the Trix casting a spell on the eggs, so she tells her friends, and they reverse the spell in time for the ball.

The girls find a beautiful restaurant on the edge of town, though Flora finds it strange how the gorgeous tree feels dead. After returning to Alfea, Bloom researches the Ring of Solaria, hoping to find out what made the Trix go to such lengths to get it. As punishment, Faragonda temporarily extracts all their powers. Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata in Italian. The cadre and staff of Cloud Tower escape to Alfea.

The next morning, Stella starts acting completely different, becoming irritable and refusing to say antything about last night. In the end, Stella wins and kept her promise to Bloom, which was to study all night for the test the next morning. She discovers she can read people's auras, and she casts her doubts on a pending business deal regarding her mother's flower shop.

To their shock, Sky says he worked out all night and he never wrote the invitation. Although Stella makes a few mistakes but because she studied after the pageant, she passes.

Winx Club (season 1)

Along with her newfound friend Stella, a year-old fairy princess, Bloom meets her apartment roommates Flora, Musa, and Tecna. After telling her parents, Bloom realizes that the event in her dream actually happened, and that she was the baby in the fire. However, Headmistress Griffin of Cloudtower plans to spoil the ball as revenge for being excluded. Bloom then turns to Faragonda for answers, who tells her that the Dragon Flame was the energy of the Great Dragon, who created the magical universe and later rested on the planet Domino. Stella offers Bloom the opportunity to attend the Alfea College for Fairies, which Bloom and her parents agree to.

The Winx and the Red Fountain boys end up meeting in the swamp, and must work together, despite their differences, to find their way out. In Magix, Redfountain is destroyed by the Trix.

While the Winx are on kitchen duty, Stella is invited on a date with Prince Sky Brandon at the brand-new Black Lagoon restaurant and also asks for help on picking out an outfit. There are hostilities between the Winx due to Stella's behavior, and Musa's feelings for Riven are strained. That night, the Winx plan to infiltrate Cloud Tower to retrieve Stella's ring since she can't transform without it. Iginio Straffi conceived the idea for Winx Club in the mids while studying the animation industry. To counter the powerful magic possessed by the Trix, codec pack for windows media player the Winx Club go to planet Domino hoping to find the Dragon's Flame.