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She witnessed his petty firsthand in the way he dissed and dismissed the previous Mrs. Along with doing the reality shows, she has also appeared in various series. Most of the time men do not ask for custody but when they do they usually get it.

Deion said he and Edmonds did not begin to date until after he filed for divorce from Pilar. Pilar accused the footballer of committing a domestic violence and physically abusing her, son yuke songpaisan dating apps but she faced a lawsuit for this which she lost. The savvy business woman was also romantically linked to actor Eddie Murphy in but for now is safe to say the only man in her heart is Sanders.

The American National belongs to African-American ethnicity. Eddie Murphy I wanted to marry his greasy headed, gaudy jewelry wearing, self centered ass. She needs to take that gorgeous elsewhere.

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Deion is very domineering. Wade was just the come up. Bird just sat on her ass looking cute, and now she's broke and complaining. Or just stay at home and keep house for her man. What is she supposed to do?

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SummerBaby I thought she was dating Slim the brother of Birdman. No way she can afford to compete with that. But I know who her baby daddies are. He has always rubbed me the wrong way. She modeled for the prestigious agencies like Ford Models and Irene Marie.

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That's good management skills. As his wife, she also became the part of the Football Wives.

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Who is Deion Sanders dating? Deion Sanders girlfriend, wife

Not her fault she's gorgeous. Either way, he sounds like an asshole. She is no saint but he sure had a lot of control over her. An Instagram post shows that she attended the Drake concert with her boyfriend in the March of this year.

We don't know what was happening in that house. Welp she met her match in dick head Deion. It's looks petty, mean, and selfish for him to do this to her. Miany Who d wade baby mama with? She should get an education and pay someone, maybe even a white woman to keep her house.

Who is Deion Sanders dating right now?

There were several reports on accusations by either of the parties on each other. Like he has shrivel up dyck syndrome. Did people call Angela Bassett's character in Waiting to Exhale a gold-digger?

So I'm not rooting for her she's a fool. And you know what, she should get a job. He may have not wanted her to work. SandrasNewFave Ah naw naw naw, its the break baby's mama. Him and John Starks were my Athletic bae's.

She doesn't even have a secret stash of luxury items to quietly auction off. The former model and actress still have a perfect body that she used to have back in the days. All she needed was a safety deposit box. The settlements amount received from the divorce with Deion has contributed to her net worth. Then again, I wouldn't get pregnant on purpose.

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She don't have to stay begging Prime Time. He couldn't even keep Prime Prep together. She should write a book or become a speaker to women who have been in her situation or something. The most disrespected person in America is the black woman isn't that what is said in Bey's song. Prime Time Love and Football Wives.

Prime Time Love made under their production. She isn't that bright apparently. She was an established model and actress long before being known as the wife of a celebrity footballer. Last March Tracey had to appear in court at the Dallas, Tex. She has been an excellent influence on the man, and they like to spend more time together.

Her original baby daddy was Damon Wayans Jr. She has created and produced groundbreaking projects for television, music and film both independently and with major studios. He didn't want her to work when they were married but know he expects her to do so and pay him millions. Not working yet racking up all those bills makes no sense. In the long run it is hurting him more by doing this to her.

Brook York That's what I'm saying. Sicced some high power attorneys on her behind. Cricket Shaq wasn't controlling as Deion. If I had a rich man's baby he wouldn't know about it for at least years. Insanity - when you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.