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You can it on kicks by adding a more subtle, low-frequency extension. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Renaissance Bass is one of the plugins listed in this list of used plugins for the drop in the track Memories. Got it in a giveaway and it's really nice, professional but simple plugin which helps a lot with creating nice harmonic basslines. At the top bar, you have a frequency control where you have to choose the fundamental frequency you want to use. Available immediately We can send you a download license immediately once you have purchased this product. Compatible with all major real-time plug-in formats.

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And my favorite plugin for shaping kicks and toms is Renaissance Bass. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas.

How Waves Renaissance Bass Works and Why You Should Use It

It gives you the illusion of the low end being lower than it is which allows you to get your low end translating on small speakers better, it's very similar to Maxxbass also by Waves. Like any de-esser, you set it up by listening to the side-chain and adjusting the frequency of a high-pass or band-pass filter to home in on the offending esses.

Also, put the Gain slider into good use, and you will reach the best sound possible. Compared to Aphex's Big Bottom, for instance, it seems to produce a slightly more punchy sound, although I feel that the lack of controls is more limiting in this case.

Waves plug-ins have never been cheap, but their reputation is second to none. Software plugin to give bass sounds more depth. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. It is pretty much your basic plug in installation process. There is also an input, recreated frequencies and output, and the end.

Such a simple yet effective tool that somehow glues everything together in the low end. Renaissance Compressor is one of the most widely used Waves plug-ins, and also works on the principle that most users don't want to spend hours twiddling with controls in order to get results. Stacking two of them up at different frequencies makes both the sub and mid-range bigger. The Waves Renaissance bass is very easy for you. Waves exclusively owns the patent.

Did you find this review helpful? This is true, especially when dealing with samples. This is actually the first aftermarket plugin I will have purchased. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. Thomann uses cookies to give you the best shopping experience.

Even if you don't buy this argument, it's always possible to achieve a broad-band cut by lowering the Q value. Bigger, tighter bass from any system. The compressor can be switched to work like Renaissance Compressor or Renaissance Vox, the latter mode denying you the use of a Ratio control.

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The frequency control and slider lets you set the frequency to be processed and the volume control of your final output. It is a really great value because of what it can do, but I'm not aware of anything else on the market that can do the same thing. And so, finally, to Renaissance Channel. On the opposite end, you can also beef it up real good if you play your frequencies right. Made a quick version of a Chevelle song to test it out on with Logic Pro X, utilizing logics drummer.

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The plugin thickens up weak baselines played at higher pitches or bass instruments. Log in to see your personal recommendations. Sometimes, as an audio engineer or a producer, no matter what you do the kick sounds or bass, the efforts are not good enough.

This is especially noticeable with headphones. We're looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. Compare Similar Items Current product.


There are six basic bundled products, which are in turn grouped together to make super-bundles such as Gold. Renaissance Bass is one of the plugins listed in this list of used plugins for the drop in the track Memories more. Renaissance Reverberator is a thoroughly workmanlike reverb plug-in, offering control over most of the parameters you'd expect to find in a mid-priced hardware unit. The software works exactly as it should on my machine and I never had any problems using it. It is really a secret weapon for bass tracks that just aren't heavy enough.

This is my groove component. Renaissance Vox and Renaissance Bass are both clever adaptations of other Waves plug-ins intended to fulfil a specific task with the minimum of fuss. Feeding this into your computer will generate a challenge, and once you get the appropriate response from the Waves web site, your plug-ins will be unlocked. This plugin helps try to beef up your bass without having you overmix it too much.

If you then decide you want to buy them, you then hand over your money in return for a licence number. The behaviour of the parametric bands, meanwhile, is asymmetrical, with the same Q value providing a broad frequency boost but a much narrower cut. Option-clicking and dragging on the coloured dots alters the Q value of the respective bands, and the Q setting works for the shelving filter types as well as the parametrics. Bass can be one of the hardest things to mix.

In simple terms, this plugin adds missing fundamentals and reconstructs them and put them across a timeline. Fortunately, there are some plugins that can help solve the issues. Then you will also see the intensity and gain control buttons where you can turn it up and down. Good Deail - already gone I have Maxxbass, which is the same technology. Our most popular Audio and Effects PlugIns.

The work of the Waves Renaissance bass is to allow you to hear the bass in the playing music. It is included in Waves Audio Plugin Bundles available. Several different types of Waves plug-in can be hosted by a single Mix chip. Renaissance Reverb wouldn't be my first-choice Pro Tools reverb. Description Renaissance Bass delivers richer, ninja cloak software deeper lows that sound great on any system.

The low frequencies itself are harder to hear than midrange frequencies, and there are a lot of sound systems out there that have trouble capturing the full scale of the bass end of music. This plugin is great for making basses thicker on smaller speakers, you put it on an it pops out the mix. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Getting a fat but tight low end is the holy grail of mixing, but the trick is using the correct tool for the job.

How Waves Renaissance Bass Works and Why You Should Use It

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