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Select the transfer speed except for the scanner will start Remote mode. To set a Search Bands, enter into the Band Search mode.

Statistics view - lets you see how much scanner memory would be used before you upload. Motorola systems are widely used by public safety and business users. Scanning Overview It searches for any active frequency step by step within the lower and upper limits of the band. There is only one file format eliminating the need to convert between formats, and handy features such as not uploading digital channels to analog models make using it a snap. Id Scan Hold Feature The display indicates the bank and the type of trunked system you are monitoring.

You can change the Scan List memory location by using the L or M key. When the transmission ends, scanning resumes automatically.

TrunkTracker is a proprietary trademark of Uniden America Corporation. Uniden America Corporation does not represent this unit to be waterproof.

Make sure you are scanning in Highway Mode. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or damage to the unit, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. The scanner automatically chooses between two speeds while searching.

Scanner Control lets you connect your scanner to your computer and control it from within Windows Records audio from your scanner and automatically saves recoding as individual. Edacs Reception Notice how the dotted line shows talkgroup moving from channel to channel. There are many reasons to use this great Freeware program.

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Uniden BCT8 Software

Welcome to Sixspot Software. The recognized most easy to use scanner software available, videoder for pc yet still powerful. Check antenna connections. This is particularly important to know if you wish to clone another scanner right away. Intelligent managements of your system quick keys.

Disconnect Tone Detect Option end Code Of course you will know the Control Channel frequency itself so that will help you determine the proper plan. Data Skip A scanner will normally stop on any transmission it receives. Alert Light Adjustment Priority Channels Each state preprogrammed in the scanner contains a number of Priority channels. Also some departments scramble or encrust their communications, and you may want to lock out these unintelligible broadcasts. Make sure there are no hidden electrical wires or other items behind the desired location before proceeding.

Uniden BCT8

If none are active, scanning resumes. To find these out, check the scanner. Private Bank Scanning Before the scanner begins Private Bank scanning, you must program a frequency into at least one channel.

You can set the scanner to hold for two seconds on the frequency for a response. This feature will actually analyze your scanner's programming, bit by bit, and make recommendation on what can be done to improve scanning speed and conserve memory. Avoid a location that could interfere with your driving. When the scanner receives communications, scanning stops, the state code and the frequency appear.

With a click of a button, the Automatic Scanner Optimizer will optimize your programming for you. Prepare each scanner for clone mode as follows.

Terminology What is Searching? When an active frequency is found, the scanner will stop and stay on that frequency as long as that transmission lasts. These systems are described here. The Frequency Guide lists typical frequencies used around the U.

Files are automatically split up into directories and file names are fully customizable. Release Notes Screenshots. The lowest numbered priority will be checked first.

Lockout in Scanning Mode If the scanner keeps stopping on a particular channel due to noise or frequent transmissions, you may want to keep that channel from scanning. However, this is not a complete list of frequencies for your area. Wait until the scanner stops on the channel.

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UNIDEN BCT8 USER MANUAL Pdf DownloadProgramming Your Uniden Scanner

Automatic channel name justifier Automatic frequency filler Print out your systems, groups, and quick keys Automatic Scanner Optimizer. When a transmission is received, the scanner stops on that channel. The address and phone number is listed in the warranty at the end of this manual. When the transmission ends, the scanner holds for two seconds on that frequency for a response.