Sikh girl dating muslim guy, i m a sikh girl in love with a muslim guy

After you marry her, make her the most happy wife ever. If I quote what Muslims are saying how could that be considered as insulting? What are you spreading, being a Muslim you know allah has ordered not to marry a kafir and specially hindu, then why are you promoting wrong islam. At this point it was more infatuation than anything else, but we exchanged info to stay in touch over the summer.

Meaning they accepted you assuming me you will convert to Islam? All the allegations and whatever negativity is well answered by muslim scholars when they confront christian scholars or any other religions scholor. Please, everybody love their mother but it is your life, do not be too much mum boy, try to focus your relation. On the other hand, someone if other person wants can convert their religion to islam. This led me on to the best journey of discovering the truth.

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God knows whether you are advising that girl or replying to some one, its not my point, nevertheless. Sikh Girls hardly like sardar turbaned guys these days. My family are Hindu Indian and I grew up being warned against dating Muslim men by my parents and their friends. But other Muslims I've spoken to did recognise an unease about dating Sikhs among from their own families.

Furthermore you will get mockery from both sides of your families. First learn Islam then offer Namaz. People think all muslim people are very sitric and dont respect women. Life is beautiful with love and respect. If you try to be someone who you are not, dating websites for sailors you are not going to be happy with it.

Muslim Girl-Sikh Boy Marriage Problems- Please Help

Sikh girl dating muslim guy

I m a Sikh girl in love with a Muslim guy

Can you tell me why media, which ridicules all Non-Islamic faiths in one or the other way, literally stay away from criticizing Islam? What you got to do is remember such premise for the rest of your life and keep it foundational. These people can make you happy forever and can handle the marriage. And pray to God to guide you. Now I can see the prejudice in their words.

Yours might or might not be similar. You would then be in fact Islamic Sikhs. If he married you without asking you to convert then he will later, then you would be mom and will have no choice. He is the complete package, everything that I could ever want in a man and we connected so strongly that it takes my breath away whenever I think about it.

All muslim and sikh people love their parents, they have a good and close relation with them. Katy Sian is a lecturer in Sociology at the University of York and has researched and written extensively on Sikh-Muslim relations. Seventy years after the partition of India, Islamophobia is still common among British Sikhs and Hindus. Majority problem arises when the guy or the girl become suddenly strict muslim followers.

Muslim Girl-Sikh Boy Marriage Problems- Please Help

We both had practically the same outlook on life, same sense of humor and similar career goals. If so, than the world is your oyster, Creator is the same for all religions, and as a bonus, you don't get a load of old crones telling you what to do and which ritual to follow good luck. What is written on anti islamic site s is one sided affair. The situation all up to the person. The husband died and the widow was relieved.

She had been secretly dating a Muslim boy for three years. This political antipathy towards Muslims reflects back on diasporic communities in Britain. Muslims leaving Islam should be killed. Is it to enslave women forever? The real issue now is supporting new safe spaces forming, sites which is exactly what groups like Sisters Uncut do.

Sikh girl dating muslim guy
Sikh girl dating muslim guy
Sikh girl dating muslim guy

Islam is for peace and it gives immense respect to woman. There is a beautiful lady is waitting for you to give you all her love till forever. Eventually the time will pave it's way to keep you together winkingmunda. He got religion and his dad died. The muslim boy did wrong he is not following Islam, how could he even talk to Hindu?

Rani, You are not alone, there are many many millions? Use tact, diplomacy, be patient, be understanding, never get angry, be firm but polite. Does marriages are made for the sake of religion and states or for the sake of two hearts with which you are making a very very happy life? The doubts raised by all the sites and the religion is well answered by him. If you approach the whole realistically, zimonline dating compassionately and with love I believe you will make the right decision.

Sikh girl dating muslim guy

All you want to know about your interfaith relationship, this book is now available. Hope you both find what you want, it will be hard - clearly. He started blaming me for not going, saying it had something to do with my being Sikh and thus not respecting him and his dad. Would you marry your sister to a Hindu?

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Breaking up was a relief, as I was able to resume my sense of freedom. In my very hard experience, it doesn't work, in the long run. Do you now what Mohammad said and did? Had he ever become physically violent, I would have gone, but he never raised a finger against me, only his voice. After an eight-hour stand-off the men were arrested and disarmed, and a video from inside the temple was posted on the Facebook account of Sikh Youth Birmingham.

Be man and do not run away. Here is what happened to me. The problem is, as you all guessed, that I am a Muslimah and he is a Sikh. Harry Haller Panga Master. Dr william is the only person in the world who being a medical doctor studied islam negatively and wrote against islam for which he got a Phd in united states.

Sikh girl dating muslim guy

This idea of the forced conversion isn't necessarily reciprocal. We picked up exactly where we left off- joking, having fun and getting to know each other. As you know, Christianity, like Islam, teaches that it is the only true religion and others need to convert or face dire consequences, ie, hell. Is there any way that Sikh parents would accept a Muslim daughter in law? If he cant, my friend you are in a very big problem-dump him and move on.

Sikh girl dating muslim guy

So those Sikhs who are whining like me then you should have your own country to keep your women in your hand, but you lost your opportunity and now we will continue pay the price. Whats the problem, he is Sikh by birth, you are Muslim by birth, but neither of you are practicing, so you are just two people who fell in love, good for you! We both brought the issue up with our respective parents in a jokingly manner. So woman has nothing to do with religion, the purpose of women on this earth only having sex and sex goes there where is money and power.

Sikh girl dating muslim guy
  1. Plz kaur stop this type of activities because sikh beleives to help others not to marry others or change religion.
  2. From my research, most Muslims are actually oblivious to the narrative and do not hold the same degree of animosity at all.
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I m a Sikh girl in love with a Muslim guy

  • His family was appalled that he had married a non-Christian girl and convinced him that I must be converted.
  • Then, two things happened.
  • It better if he converts to Hinduism!
Sikh girl dating muslim guy
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