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What is the hair cut of Katrina in ajab prem ki gazab kahani? What is the population of Ajab Shir County?

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Prem was the name of the actor played by Ranbir. Dude, it already released, go to guruji.

The purpose of an item number or item song in Bollywood movies is to attract the masses and enthrall audiences. An item song is a musical dance performance by a girl or guy in a movie. Bollywood now has its own identity and reach. Item songs are sexy, foot-thumping, provocative and often woven around catchy lyrics.

Without an item song a commercial Hindi movie seems incomplete. What is Katrina Kaif haircut in the movie ajab prem ki ghazab kahani?

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani video songs

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The camera angles on some of the item songs in present times makes the jaw drop quite literally. Make no mistake there is no age group for item songs in India.

What movie and television projects has Sanatan Mody been in? It was because of interruption of Ranbir Kapoor.

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