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Due to some reasons we had to stop the website of Jamal-e-Jaffer Pakistan and the readers waited for the articles extremist. In the current frantic and treacherous world order where life and property is unsafe and above all our faith is also unsafe. We will try to unevil like such a lot of these types of facts in front of our readers so that they can understand the inwardness of Roohani Aloom. Asslamu Alaikum, Please do tell me if anyone knows about soft copy of noval jogan, written by syeda Khatoon.

Shaytan ki Sawaneh Umri urdu. In order to get rid of these problems and to remain safe from these problems, the Quran and the Hadith offer various approaches for people to follow. Huzur Qalandar Baba Aulia.

Which library on the topic of Amaliyaat is available for us they tottally are the copying process so now it is too difficult to do rectification of them. During this period not only domestically even internationally thousands of peoples expressed their preference and enviably about it. Islam has a cumulative perspective related to every field of life. Member of Azeemia sufi order. In which the abstraction of fortune time, calculation of ascendant and the famous jafri mustehsla tarha-e-anasari which has been served to the readers by the name of Late Allama Shaad Gillani.

Roohani Amliat by Allama Alim Faqri

So in real is it too easy to make a Aamil? In the field of spiritual curing of diseases, similar fake persons have entered who have defamed the field through their negative activities.

Download karne ka tareeqa yeh hai k aap link per click karin aur page main mouse ko right bottom per lay jain tu save ka button highlight ho ga us ko click kr k pdf download karin. List of Azeemi Books Available.

Novel Insan ne Admi banaya. As we tried to make collaboration of modern science and spiritual uloom. They are fulfilling their own ravenous desires. For the safety of hotels, factories, shops, and homes, a special cure has been prepared. In this regard, there also appear fake traders as well who have their own impure products however they sell them by depicting them as pure and perfect.

Well we dont have any complain from them because indeed this cheating has showed their less ability and knowledge about Roohaniyat. In October the first time online roohani magazine Jamal-e-Jaffer Pakistan has been introduced in net world. Also we are thinking to upload some softwares which are totally related with Roohaniyat which will be the unique path in the history of Roohaniyat.

Patriarch Azeemia Sufi order. In real is it too easy to get spiritual knowledge? Tazkira Qalandar Baba Aulia. However, onde ondu kanna bindu song in such unpolluted and clean purpose some people have arrived who have filthy and impure intentions and are spoiling this thing. Member Azeemia Sufi order.

As it is the rule of thumb that the thing getting popular is adopted by various new coming traders in the market. Spiritual Scientist and Founder of Azeemia Sufi order. The simple people are made fool of the magic, and amulets and then the people are burgled for nullifying the effects of such charms and amulets.

Often seen that some persons buy some books on the topic of Amaliyaat and become Amil. His two books are being taught in Sal ford University U. He has authored over thirty books besides many pamphlets and articles covering almost every aspects of metaphysical sciences. Learn Telepathy English Language.

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Tazkira Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri. Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi. Quran identifies these aspects as well. We are trying our best and the same purpose is also our aim to show the facts in front of our readers so that they can be able to understand the reality. Author Moonas Khan Azeemi.

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In our this modern era the spritual knowledge is reckoning in superstition. Rubaiyaat Qalandar Baba Aulia. The patients of Cancer, heart-diseases, Tuberculosis and other life threatening diseases whom the doctors have suspended further cure, should not lose hope and should contact us.

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Here is an Ayat As Satan is the fundamental enemy of the human and stays out of sight however it continues to plan for the disaster of humanity. Aik Safar Apne Muraad ke saath. Due to every month website updatation the website has become in the form of monthly mangazine. May be it is caused by those Aamileen evocators who are performing the sacred aloom into the form of infamous.

Shaykh Muhammad Musa Roohani Bazi (r.a)

In this regard, there is a need of informing the general public of the importance of spiritual methods in Islamic-Shariah. It includes Surah Ikhlas as well along with the Naad-i-Ali and other beneficial substances. As the agents of Satan have started a business of amulets and charms therefore, they are deceiving innocent Muslims. Copyright Azeemia Roohani Library.

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