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Spelling suggestions as well as their definitions are provided and can be read aloud to ensure you choose the correct replacement word. Testmaker available with multi-user licences only allows you to quickly create and deliver online interactive tests. If you have numerous facts from various sources that you would like to collate and organise, use the Fact Folder. The Study Skills tools help with active reading, writing and learning.

This is useful when gathering information for a project from many different sources. They now have more confidence to try new words in their written work.

See a video tour of the Speech Input feature. Text can be read using a male or female voice.

Enhanced Scanning Large books or manuals can be a hurdle for those with dyslexia. You can then save or edit the text in Microsoft Word. View the Fact Folder video tour Fact Mapper Mind mapping is a perfect tool for when you are brainstorming, mapping out ideas and creating essays. Study Skills and Research Tools expand Click to collapse. Requirements and Resources expand Click to collapse.

View the Picture Dictionary video tour. Support is now available on Chrome, Firefox and Google Docs. This is useful for revision or enhancing work reports.

Mind mapping is a perfect tool for when you are brainstorming, mapping out ideas and creating essays. This is vital for those who struggle with reading or require support with reading. Highlights from multiple documents or web pages will be collected into a single document including a bibliography. Use the Word Prediction feature to help you construct sentences with ease.

The new Voice Note feature allows you to create and embed recorded voice notes within a Word document or save them as a. View the Screen Masking video tour.

Engaged Learning

You can easily build a vocabulary list by either selecting words in a document or web page using the highlighters or by entering the words manually. Please contact Spectronics for recommended microphones for use with this software. Students will require assistance in learning to use the program, but help is available. As you type, a list of suggested words appears in the Prediction Panel.

Encouraging Independent Learning

View the Word Prediction video tour. View the Fact Folder video tour. It will learn your writing style and predict the word you may want to use next. You simply dictate into a microphone connected to your computer to easily create documents. It is easier to understand a block of text by listening to it, particularly if you struggle with reading.

The Screenshot Reader will read the text aloud to you with word highlighting. That said, there are several resources available from the publisher to help such as online help, training guides, video guided tours, webinars, and interactive online product training. It automatically produces a bibliography of the information sources and allows you to add the date, author and category name.

Providing a personalized learning experience for all of your students

Screen Masking provides unrivalled reading support. All of the above can be read aloud to improve word comprehension. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! The Vocabulary List Builder creates a Microsoft Word document with the vocabulary words, definitions and images representing each word.

Sexually explicit or offensive language. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. The Word Wizard provides new or alternative words as well as information about your word and the definitions can all be read aloud. If you come across an unfamiliar word, you can click on the Picture Dictionary feature to display a picture of that word.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. The audible text can be saved directly to your media player and listened to wherever and whenever you need it. Writing and Self Editing Tools expand Click to collapse. See a video tour of the Fact Finder feature.

Review of the Read&Write Gold ProgramEncouraging Independent Learning

The tools in this program will help struggling readers and writers to become more independent in the classroom. Single-user version, available cross-platform for use on any device. No more waiting for file conversion! The other versions available have not been reviewed, but the company has continued to develop their products to be functional across multiple platforms and with changing technology.

Speak while Typing allows you to hear each word read aloud as you type. In the workplace, paperwork presents many challenges for employees with reading difficulties. An Introduction Free webinars by Texthelp.

By clicking on the Play button, you can listen to any text being read aloud whilst each word is highlighted. Reading Tools expand Click to collapse. Definitions of the word are also available and can be read aloud, helping to build your vocabulary and develop your writing skills. This visual map is important for organising and preparing work before starting to write, bembo italic font and is especially helpful to visual learners.

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Listening helps them select a wider and more appropriate variety of vocabulary. It masks out the active or non-active parts of the screen, just like a coloured overlay. Click here to review our site terms of use.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. This on-screen tutor helps you visually see how words, including their syllables, are pronounced. The tests can then be delivered online for students to complete. You can even scan a document in using a digital camera. View the Speech Maker video tour.