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After the zombie apocalypse, Santana and Quinn continue to try to move forward. Santana hugs Quinn when they're both waving goodbye to Rachel and they are seen laughing together. She also tells Rachel, while she's waiting for Quinn to attend her wedding, to face Quinn's not coming. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

Quinn and santana hook up fanfic
Quinn-Santana Relationship

Maybe Rachel was right, going to confront Brittany would probably end badly. Marley-Millie Relationship. Quinn-Mercedes Relationship.

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The girls all stood on stage in their costumes. Brittany-Blaine Relationship. Mercedes-Santana Relationship. Schue asked as he saw the girl walk to the front of the stage, as she usually did.

Kurt-Santana Relationship. In the face of a breakdown of everything and everyone in their world, Santana and Quinn have only each other to rely on. Not that she deserved to be let off the hook, but coming from Quinn she figured would be too much for Brittany to handle. Originally posted on FanFiction.

Santana finds it difficult to reconcile her view of Quinn when she stumbles upon the truth. Schue nodded and waited for Rachel's explanation. Together they save the world. Quinn is seen smiling at her and leaning forward, which implies they are going to have sex again. Santana tells her not to worry and suggests they make it a two-time thing.

Quinn and santana hook up fanfic

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Kurt-Mercedes Relationship. Santana, knowing Kitty did it, due to her psychic Mexican third eye. They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. Rachel grabbed her script, watching as Santana lowered the volume of the television letting Rachel know that she wanted her nearby, so she took a seat at the end of the couch.

The rest of them followed her lead, hook up shouting out song titles. Inspired by a tweet that I am trying to find again to credit! Mercedes-Tina Relationship.

Quinn and santana hook up fanfic

When no one protested, Rachel nodded. Sequel to Where my demon hides. Quinn took a sip of the hot beverage, how to write pondering over what Rachel had just said.

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Cassandra-Brody Relationship. Santana-Puck Relationship. Santana simply nodded, squeezing her close before finally letting go.

But something appropriate. Will had to stop practice when a cat fight almost happened between Rachel and Kurt. Rachel-Blaine Relationship. They seem to have a competitive on-off friendship at times, and a solid friendship at others.

Quinn sighed, the next mouthful of Jack Daniels going down much smoother than the previous one. Santana later notices the sparks between Finn and Quinn, red flags while and has an idea how she could get revenge. Elliott-Kurt Relationship. Puck-Santana Relationship. Rachel-Mercedes Relationship.

  • Blaine-Artie Relationship.
  • Will be rather lengthy, eventual Quinntana.
  • Marley-Unique Relationship.
  • Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Santana was referring to Quinn when she told Rachel about being with college girls who wanted to experiment.

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Rachel nodded as she handed Quinn her mug of tea, watching the blonde carefully as the wheels in her head began to turn. Santana-Quinn Relationship. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet. When I started to crumble down in front of the mirror, I heard a gasp, I turned around to see her stunned face. Quinn watches Santana and Rachel's performance.

Quinn sighed and leaned back against the counter, her eyes on Rachel's bedroom door where Santana was finally sleeping. Quinn seemed like the only girl not angry, just really upset. Quinn Fabray, bored during a flight delay, makes the mistake of pulling up Tinder in public.

  1. She stormed into the bedroom, her eyes dark and glossy as they zeroed in on an item of clothing that didn't belong to her.
  2. Rory-Brittany Relationship.
  3. She's swiping absently, and gives a hard left to a woman that doesn't catch her eye.
Quinn-Santana Relationship
Hook Up Electrical Plug Quinn And Santana Hook Up Fanfic
Quinn and santana hook up fanfic

As she sang this part, she was looking at Finn most of them time. Santana approaches Quinn the next day and tells Quinn about it out of malicious joy, which shocks Quinn. Because I'm starting to call bullshit.

Quinn and santana hook up fanfic

Please consider turning it on! When the members of the squad afterwards discuss doing it, Quinn is clearly on Santana's side. Home When the New Directions go roller skating, Quinn and Santana are seen fooling around in the background and holding hands.

Blaine-Cooper Relationship. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Shelby-Rachel Relationship.

He's going to come back and help. Marley-Brittany Relationship. Silly Love Songs When the glee club gangs up against Santana, Quinn joins them and mentions how Santana recently said that she's sad Quinn didn't give birth to a lizard baby.

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