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Typical call - Minas Gerais, Brazil. An owl heard is as good as an owl seen.

Typical call - Kutch, Gujarat, India. Alarmed - Goiania, Brazil.

Typical call - Ngezi Forest, Pemba Island. Other prey may include baby rabbits, bats, frogs, lizards, birds and insects. Adults returning to a nest may give a low, frog-like croak.

Typical call - Northern India. Typical call male - Panuco, Sinaloa, Mexico. Typical call - Danum Valley, Sabah, Borneo. Typical call - Kitulgala, Sri Lanka. You don't have to live in the middle of the woods to see an owl.

Typical call - Halmahera, Indonesia. Typical call - Colima, Mexico. Typical call - Hoedspruit, South Africa.

Within minutes they surround us, call out and switch positions. Find Audubon Near You Visit your local Audubon center, join a chapter, or help save birds with your state program. Typical call - Shai Hills, Ghana.

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When pairs chant together the female goes first, followed closely by the male. Typical call - Mount Harriet, South Andaman.

Typical call - Soma swamps, Gambia. They've also recently expanded across parts of Canada into the Pacific Northwest, where they can outcompete the similar-looking but much rarer spotted owl. Typical call - Bambua nature resort, Palawan, Philippines. Unlike most other birds who call out near or during daylight hours, nocturnal owls may be heard at night.

The crown and upperparts are yellowish-brown to orange-buff, covered partly by a pale ashy-grey veil marked with scattered white spots surrounded by black. Rodent plagues cause Barn Owl numbers to increase dramatically. Males usually call at a lower pitch than females. Maybe they're tired of raw mice?

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Typical call - Christmas Island. Great gray owls are mostly nocturnal, but also sometimes fly during the day in breeding season. Typical call - Healesville, Victoria, Australia. Eagle owls are most active at night. If a ghostly voice in a tree has ever demanded the name of your chef, you probably met a barred owl Strix varia.

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Typical call - Tmat Boey, Cambodia. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio. Typical call - Burgundy, France. Typical call - Pasoh, Malaysia. Typical call - Goiania, Brazil.

They will also nest in old buildings, caves and well shafts. The common barn owl Tyto alba is the one of Earth's most widely distributed land birds, found on all continents but Antarctica. The rodent specialists can hunt by hearing alone, often diving to grab mice from underneath deep snow. Barn Owls are short-lived birds. Typical call - Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka.

Typical call - Dongzhai Nature Reserve, China. Typical call - Hardwood forest, north of Paris, France.

The Barn Owl is one of the most wide-spread of all land birds. Updated for a better user experience. Here's how and where to spot five species in towns and cities across the U. Voles field mice are an important food item, as well as pocket gophers, shrews, mice and rats.

Owls emit a wide range of noises, some of which are easier to recognize than others. Generally nocturnal, although it is not uncommon to see this species emerge at dusk or be active at dawn, occasionally being seen in flight during full daylight. Flight is noiseless, with wingbeats interrupted by gliding. Typical call - Chihuana, Peru.

Typical calls - Halmahera, Indonesia. Barred owls are abundant in North America east of the Mississippi River, especially in old-growth forests and treed swamps. Typical call - Taman Negara, Pahang, Malaysia.

They usually roost by day in tree hollows but have also been found in caves, wells, out-buildings or thick foliage. Prey are usually located by quartering up and down likely looking land - particularly open grassland. Typical call - Dumoga Bone, Sulawesi. Tawny owls are especially vocal on clear nights in fall, winter and spring.

Typical call - Mindanao, Philippines. Great horned owls often wait on a high perch at night, then swoop down to silently grab prey.

Typical call - Kaengkrajarn National Park, Thailand. Typical call - Lore Lindu, Sulawesi. The Barn Owl is a medium sized owl with no ear-tufts and a heart-shaped face.

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