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The distance is not a good reason for me to hurt my girfriend feeling. MiePicks Best Malaysian Films.

He aside his egois and give his hand to help Dian. Moreover, as a people we should respect each other and we should be honest in everthing that we done. How about getting full access immediately? So that I will keep my relationship with Dian. This action show the consequentalist because he was covering and hide his fault.

If you love romantic Korea movielike, you will love this. She travels to Istanbul to be close to her boyfriend. Another ethical issue is when Dian has been cheated with the Istanbul guy about the house. Futhermore, vista inspirat 3 for xp as a boyfriend I will investigate and keep her safe. The ethical dilemma by the hero are he should sharing the house with the unknown girl and how to help that girl to solve the problem that she was facing.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Dian is forced to find her own place to stay for obvious reason that is not good for unmarriend couples to stay together. First, their cast like Lisa Surihani who suit enough for the role, I don't know any girl can take that role except her. Dian willing to travel kilometres just to be close with me. The ethical moral is Dian is a independent girl.

What I love about this movie is its colour, look very colourful and heartwarming, its soundtrack mostly from indie band thats so catchy and suitable. Moreover, I will not just accuse her without know what really happen.

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Lastly, Ejoi that conspired with dishonesty Azad. The shadow of an African immigrant in an abandoned house was mistaken for a ghost and the hilarious situations that ensued, creating havoc in a quaint Malay village. Adam is a Muslim medical practitioner who is unable to accept the fact that his wife is no longer in this world. Lastly, wwe also should be a helpful person.

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We should appreciate all the chance we get because the second chance is not always be able for us. The onflict arise when Dian have been cheated and she have not money to find another house. Umie Aida, Faizal Hussein, Elyana. The ethical issue is Dian have to hide from his boyfriend about that.

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Its tone that not very slow and not very fast which make this film maintain its mode and successfully prevent audiences from falling asleep. Was this review helpful to you?

Dian was so excited because she can get along with her boyfriend and spend more time with Azad. At there, her relationship with Azad become worse because Azad is so busy with his studies do not spend time with Dian.

Istanbul aku datang

Istanbul aku datang

Later on, he agrees to treat a depressed woman named Maria but strange and unsettling things start to happen. The main villian is Azad, the hero is Harris and the heroine is Dian. Dian in dilemma because she should choose between two men in his life who have their own style in making her life hapiness. She try so harder to avoid Azad from coming to her house.

If I in the villian shoes the most thing that I will be shame is my attitude. Besides that, I also feel remorse because I give Dian the chance to know another man. As example in this movie that when Istanbul guy who lied to dian about the house. She also determined to get her boyfriend to put a ring on her finger. This is shown in the hero attitude, althought he not really know much about Dian but he try to solve the problem that Dian has to face.

He also ask Dian to move from his house and find another place to stay. From this movie we can see that Dian willing to go to Istanbul to see her boyfriend. The lessson from this is, we should appreciate all the thing that people make for use. Everything goes right, quite unpredictable but have its own strength which can attract people to the cinema.

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As we can see in this movie that all the cheated will uncovered at the end. The ethical issue from this movie is when the main actor that is Dian fly to the Istanbul to get more closes with her boyfriend Azad.

The ethical moral is we can see that Dian is so loyal and willing to sacrifice for her boyfriend. Besides that, it also teach us a lot about finding our love. Members of a movie a production team are threatened by a vengeful entity. Inspector Sani and Khai are now involved in a snooping mission on a remote island on the east coast. Secondly their location, Istanbul which is very attractive.