Kv 1s matchmaking, kv-1s matchmaking

The tank's primary flaws remained uncorrected. How would you recommend angling the hull armor? It can outrun most of its same tier kin and thus enables it to reach positions other tanks would have trouble reaching before the enemy does. Considerably speedy heavies with progressively better armor tier-for-tier as the line progresses, however the tier nine is an exception to this.

Even though mine is pretty weak right now, I'm still having fun playing it. Argueably the most practically deadly gun of all the three tanks damage per shell. That gun at low tiers is phenomenal. Facing from the front, the turret cheeks, front, and the gun mantlet could be penetrated by most guns to either disable the gun or incapacitate the turret crew.

Definitely the most entertaining of the three and should definitely be researched at one pont. Stay near the base and wipe out tanks as soon as you see them. The tank can take a lot of damage from lower ranks and still survive the battle. Camping a medium distance from the front lines and keeping up with the front is also a good option for this tank, as its accuracy makes long distance sniping a poor proposition, dating but not impossible. Eliminates the option of using this tank to soak up damage in a direct brawl.

KV-1 (ZiS-5)

For now, don't expose your drive wheel and try not to lead any charges and poke corners. Well, this one isn't a heavy tank line. Face Hugging an opponent can potentially lead to a lucky bounce that can cost the enemy team any hope of victory if it is down to one on one. The armour is outstanding when angled.

KV-1S Matchmaking

Instead, you need to develop a judgement of when to fire on the move, and when to hold a shot. Most consider it the best tier seven.

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For some reason I did better with it. However, the turret armour is still a vulnerable place to hit no matter which way the hull is angled with. Follow behind more capable allied tanks and assist them by bringing another gun into the equation. If they are occupied with one enemy in front, manoeuvre around while that enemy is concentrated on the ally and force them to split their combat vision.

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The drop-forged tracks were replaced with cast tracks. Decent armor, but don't rely on it. That reload speed is absolute murder in the middle of a hairy situation.

Kv-1s becoming too popular

Kv 1s matchmaking

It often broke down as a result of its transmission failing and was too slow. So far all the early exits have been frustrating, but hopefully it'll make me a better tanker. It is faster but more vulnerable.

  • They think Platooning is rolling out together and pray for a win without helping me or drive off and I can't support them.
  • While mobility is not the greatest, it is sufficient to get up to the front lines in time for the battle.
  • It may be slow, but it still kicks booty.
  • But there are some contradicting stories about what happened, and even if it indeed did happen.
  • You shouldn't try this until later on in your WoT carrier.

KV-1 (ZiS-5) - War Thunder Wiki

Take the front lines with the teammates and serve as a bullet sponge while angling. Also, it is really frustrating to miss and bounce shots. If you do then you'll have each of them with a different calibre gun. Vehicles Aviation Ground vehicles Fleet.

Kv 1s matchmaking

Namespaces Page Discussion. Soviet tanks needed bigger guns to take on the growing numbers of Panthers and the few Tigers. This tank only braches off in to the artillery line so that is something to be considered if you want to go for this tank first. This made for a tank that was heavily armoured, stranica but not very mobile as it was to be for siege warfare. That turret armor plus the superior armor when angled make it a bulwark of steel.

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Navigation menu Store Support Personal tools Log in. Decent armor but shouldn't be relied on. The poor armour, large profile, and cramped interior mean a penetrating round by any tank could be lethal. The turret remains vulnerable, however, but the turret ring is reinforced, which means that it's harder to jam the turret. Popping out from behind buildings or rocks, taking as much time as possible to aim at a target, fire, and then diving back into said cover.

In short, its advantages no longer outweighed its drawbacks. Definitely a line worth considering. Punchy gun that will certainly get the job done.

Kv 1s matchmaking

These skills will only carry over to the rest of the line of current Russian heavies. In this new position, act more as a support tank. While the mobility is subpar and firepower is the same compared to the more ubiquitous Soviet T medium tank, they can still be a threat if ignored. Navigation Recent changes Random page Help.

You are probably angling too much, and giving your drive wheel to the enemy. During the developmental progress, the prototypes of all these heavy tanks were made and the Winter War with Finland was on its way. Its overall ammunition complement was increased to rounds. When you maxxed the tank your enemy will fear you even higher tiers but you need to aim correctly otherwise you will regret firing. The turret was so heavy it was difficult to traverse on uneven terrain.

Sources and External Links. Captured tanks of this type were used by Wehrmacht units. But not well enough to endear it to me. Compilation thread of my ideas.

Still when i run out of credits i play this machine and more often i win. Level Engine Weight t Engine Power h. The boxy shape of the overall tank encourages angling, which can make the hull armour nigh-invulnerable by its contemporary guns, so do that. Because when you play against people who know what they're doing, you're gonna get bum-rushed as soon as you fire a shot.

Yeah, having a teammate or two that cover you back while you're reloading is really helpful. While adequate against all German tanks, it was the same gun as carried by smaller, faster, and cheaper T medium tanks. More often than not, hook up apps iphone people will shoot your tracks.

  1. Do not show this dialog again.
  2. Finally, it was expensive to produce.
  3. The mm has bad aim time and accuracy, so stopping to let the reticule shrink may get you killed.
Kv 1s matchmaking
Kv 1s matchmaking

Maybe things will improve once I get it maxed out? No tanks have a particular track weakness. In addition the top turret has a sluggish traverse, and despite the decent armor for its tier, it is no match for higher tier guns and can even fail the avid tanker against lower tier weapons. Tankers complained that, although they were well-protected, their mobility was poor and they had no firepower advantage over the T medium tank. But it's fine, I know that it will get much better once I get the credits and exp to buy equipment and modules, and get my crew trained.

Or you may just be unlucky enough to be against people who constantly track you. This tank is a permanent in my garage. Proud dirty seal clubber, dating stat padder.

KV1 or KV1s

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