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Jay-Z s 20 Biggest Billboard Hits

But Jay never really committed to his retirement. Venues basically pay Jay to show up and watch the crowd rap the entire song. And when I got to the studio at my house, I had the beat up already. Throughout the classic track, he spells out his lofty goals while kicking some of the illest lines he's ever coined. Rakim guests here, too, albeit only in spirit.

Hov heard it leaving the stage one night and demanded the instrumental. With help from his mom, Jay-Z sums up his pre-stardom life in three verses. Kelly's awesomeness, slow-dance production and, well, Jay. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys turned an ode to their city into a national anthem. Aside from being a vehicle to showcase Amil, who already has two other appearances on this album, it really has no reason to exist.

Tension mounts as those bass notes thump and Just Blaze does his best impression of a s Black Panther loudspeaker address. Two of the best ever to do it. Foxy Brown, one of the best female rappers at the time, and Jay-Z, prestashop blog module the man who would eventually become a hip-hop mogul.

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This song was a last-second addition to The Black Album. But the track is heavy-handed in its execution, an approach that Jay reveals was intentional in his book, Decoded. Jay rounds the song out by detailing the exasperating minutia and abject paranoia of a life dedicated to the streets, mapping out his escape from the game in the process. An afterthought or a case of not overthinking things, you decide.

Their duet not only topped the top spot for five consecutive weeks but earned Jay-Z his only No. Although it debuted at No. Why waste time within the confines of a crowded club when you can create your own scene in the parking lot? If anyone out there has a doctored, R.

The song ends in a place of peace, acceptance, and forgiveness. Jay-Z's legendary career has yielded an endless supply of timeless classics.

Here he presents his unlikely success as a disruptive force, likening himself to Muhammad Ali and Dr. Arrow Created with Sketch. It's one of his most commercially successful hits to date.

Defiantly baroque and delightfully histrionic, the track stands as a self-constructed monolith to the monetary success and career triumph against all odds. As the album played, attendees watched an outer-space light show, with shooting stars zipping across an overhead screen. Jay examines that repetition, mulling over the influence of his own criminal activities on the nephews who look up to him.

Jay-Z s 20 Biggest Billboard Hits

Songs are ranked using an inverse point system, with weeks at No. Just listen to the songs below. Yet even among the musical largess that comprises Jay, some of his classic songs rise above others.

Hov spazzed like a starving rookie on this one. Kelly, of all people, to sing about innocence. How could you not root for this guy?

Jay-Z s 20 Biggest Billboard Hits

It was the first time Jay-Z truly opened up his closet for the world to see his skeletons. His moratorium was issued over an insane guitar-and-brass medley that was just begging to be sampled. The sentiment of this timeless smash hit came from a party thrown by Kimora Lee Simmons. Jay manages to stay afloat, but remains conflicted about his desires for retribution against murderers of Biggie and Bobalob. This song sounds nothing like its title suggests.

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Jay lobs a string of venomous barbs at Prodigy and Nas. Rihanna introduced her bad ass side with her boss man, Jay-Z, by her side. Nas and Jay-Z have yet to deliver a truly classic duet, but this No I.

If the Throne set out to make a statement, well, mission accomplished. You always knew Jay-Z would respond. The two rappers, with their different yet harmonious approaches, conquer a bubbly curveball of a beat by Q-Tip. Timbaland and Jay were at their creative peak at the turn of the century.

25. Empire State of Mind

It was just such an interesting and fresh take on it that I immediately was drawn to it. Jay disappeared as quickly as he appeared on this track with Kanye West and Big Sean. Give Jay Z a flute loop or bleeps of ukulele over drums and he'll give you a hit.

The one-minute intro to this song shines brightest, as Jay makes clear just how comfortable he is with handling and using his gun. No one quite anticipated that the first release from Watch the Throne would be helmed by the newbie producer who had been creating trunk-rattlers for Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame. During the making, Scarface was struck by how Jay laid down his enthused, vivid verse in one take. This song sounds like the opening chapter in a partnership that never reached fruition.