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Now hold the pointer over one end of the line. The glassware elements of ChemDoodle are the most customizable optionally filled or not, alteration of colours, flipping, addition of tubing, etc. It is accessed by the Generate Name with AutoNom button bottom of left hand toolbar.

Testimonials Here are testimonials from brilliant and successful scientists that use ChemDoodle to complement their skills. An improved text tool that can create both atom text and formatted captions. DrawIt often crashed when tried to open ChemBioDraw files. This example shows how to make an aromatic compound using a template.

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Template structures can be added on their own, or fused to existing bonds or atoms like the benzene ring. ChemDoodle has interactive templates for creating arbitrary carbon nanotubes and prisms. As noted at the top of this section, the program is no longer available. Only the available options were used, sometimes repeatedly or in combinations. Alternatively, click and drag the Eraser tool to delete a larger selection.

Another important point is the user-friendliness of the program. Now hold the pointer over one of the bonds of the ring, so that it is highlighted by a faint box. There is a drop down menu, which includes some element symbols. The availability of different tools the palette of fonts, arrows, lines and curves, arcs and other shapes or graphics primitives is also of high importance. Look at the symbol part, and open that drop down box.

ChemDoodle also contains tools for explicitly defining and building reactions in a separate dialog window. Here are testimonials from brilliant and successful scientists that use ChemDoodle to complement their skills.

One toolbar, on the left, contains buttons for drawing and viewing molecules. Draw chiral carbon nanotubes in addition to zigzag and armchair. ChemBioDraw has the adventage when assembling from templates. Of course, similar structures can be assembled manually from bits and pieces, payroll package when underlying chemistry is unimportant.


Choose the Eraser tool and hold the pointer over a part of the structure an atom or a bond. Nice drawings are usually produced only in the case of small molecules. However, when reapplying a style sheet to an existing document or changing document settings, not all of the new parameters are consequently applied.

Advanced implicit hydrogen handling including the analysis of advanced aromatic resonance systems. ChemDoodle is reviewed by major journals, magazines and scientists. The last version of ChemDoodle has clearly outrun the two older applications.

Pasting of chemistry into other applications and back via the Window clipboard dynamic object embedding. Biopolymer builder and interactive templates This handy tool to produce peptides or nucleic acid sequences are included in Accelrys Draw, ChemBioDraw and ChemDoodle without stereochemistry. This is in addition to our web and mobile ChemDoodle extensions! Support of own older file formats During the evolution of these applications the structures of their own proprietary file formats evolved as well. You can move it around by selecting it and then dragging, or erase it with the Eraser tool.

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That same basic procedure can be extended to provide symbols beyond those of the elements. The lanes can be populated with spots of different Rf, size, shape, or colour, and with option for automatic display of Rf values. Click the Generate Name with AutoNom button. Installation The automatic installers of the programs support customised setup. New dynamic brackets and structure highlights.

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Use the Single Bond tool to draw a chain of four single-bonded carbon atoms you need three clicks to do this. Each program is able to the automatic addition of hydrogens, although these are only implicit hydrogens, and the saved file will not contain them.


You can add the optional items later. Therefore it is highly recommended to put such structures into a temporal document first and then to copy it into its final place. Now click on the terminal atom on the left, and change it to nitrogen N.

BioArt templates have been added to the latest ChemDoodle as well. Therefore backward-compatibility is never granted. Improved color choosers including alpha support and high resolution improvements across the entire application. Therefore make some tests before updating big projects, such as hundreds of figures for text books, just in case. Position the pointer over the terminal carbon on the right a faint box should appear.

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Any structure can be extended by using the Single Bond tool. Customizations of filling and colouring of different objects and their shadow are the most advanced in ChemDoodle.

ChemDoodle is a strong competitor, in several details clearly better than the two other applications. MarvinSketch contains a basic set of lines, rounded rectangles, polylines. Of course such structures, as simple drawings, can be assembled manually too.

When saving files, you can now use alternate extensions and other image file chooser improvements. Use the Lasso Select tool to select the entire structure, or go to the Edit menu and choose Select All. Custom attribute names and values are now persisted through restarts. ChemDoodle also supports the most important foreign sketch files. Not too important, although it might be useful in special cases.