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The bold horizontal line represents the erosional surface between the terrestrial and subtidal facies deposits. The coarse sand contains wave dunes and the fine sand contains burrows. Additionally, Thiel et al.

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The contributions of natural radioisotopes and cosmic radiation were considered in the determination of the annual dose rate. The same aeolian dune extends along the eastern shoreline of Lake Ogawara Fig.

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The silt layers are poorly sorted and contain sand and granules, and their brownish color indicates that they are loess beds or paleosols. The remaining sediment was processed to extract coarse grains of K-rich feldspar.

These outcrops are m apart and appear to expose laterally continuous deposits. This sample was obtained from ca. Other sand layers also probably represent aeolian dunes or sand sheets, because they are interbedded with paleosols. On longer Pleistocene timescales e. For details see main text.

Lighter grays indicate lower elevations, and darker grays and black indicate higher elevations. Depositional facies of the outcrops were defined and interpreted based on sedimentary structures and grain size.

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Grain size is categorized into clay, silt, very fine sand, fine sand, medium sand, coarse sand, very coarse sand, granules, and pebbles C, Si, vfs, fs, ms, cs, vcs, G, and P, respectively.

In Denmark, Fruergaard et al. The depositional succession beneath the Takadate terrace consists of lower subtidal facies and an upper terrigenous deposit, both of which were sampled. Seaward of the lake, only the Takadate terrace and the two fluvial terraces have been mapped.

Tokyo Peil is the standard datum for elevation measurements in Japan. The northeastern part of the Kamikita plain is occupied by Lake Ogawara, strompreis drewag online dating an irregularly shaped body of water that is generally elongated parallel to the coast.

Sediment dating - Freiberg Instruments - Dosimetry and Dating