Hari Nama Keerthanam

He realizes how difficult this job of making the new alphabets as first letters is going to be and prays God to help him. Ezhuthachan emphasizes the fact that a realized soul would not take interest in the worldly wealth. Only the end of births, Is the ultimate end to this pain. Here he refers to the nasal sounding alphabets of Malayalam. The list of sins and good deeds committed by an individual is supposed to be maintained by Chitragupta, the accountant of Lord Yama.

My salutations to that Narayana, With a request from humble self, To make me see him as one reality, For I was made sad extreme, To see that the indivisible one, has been split into two. He requests God to make him remember daily. Ezhuthachan warns us all that, we should not be caught in the web of ego and start thinking that we are something different from the ultimate truth. My salutations to that Narayana, With a request from humble self, To make me see him as one reality, For I was made sad extreme, To see that the indivisible one, Has been split in to two. And who is above the good, royal and base characters.

Ezhuthachan clearly brings out the fact that the worship of the formless God is not for every one. He has also written the Preface to Prof.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, Let my mind get devoid of the illusions, Due to attachment to self, Of the two types of knowledge, Which makes me think, That I and the God are separate. Impermanence of life is highlighted and it is pointed out that our aim should be to get out of this cycle of births and deaths.

By Thunchathu Ezhuthachan Translated by P. Salutations to Narayana who is Haari, You were the one who wore, The dress of a charioteer and held a whip, And drove a chariot for Indra's son, And you were also the one. Though the search for method of salvation is through the belief in the formless God, Ezhuthachan advocates meditation on the holy names. Ezhuthachan prays for the grace of his teacher as well as the approval of god and the learned Brahmins for this great work.

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Ezhuthachan continues to tell us that though God is one, we are made to believe that we as people antharatma are different from the all pervading reality Paramathma. While to get salvation Gajendra the elephant had to do thapas for years, to Dileepa who was known as Gadwanga and Huhu the king within an hour. Ezhuthachan states here that the Saiva and Vaishnav philosophies are caused by illusion. Indian songs Malayalam-language songs. My salutations to that Narayana, Who is also the Lord Hari, Happiness of the soul can never be described, When one knows that self is the truth, And that there is an eye beyond the eye.

He feels that the only option left to him is Bhakti or devotion to him. He tells us that the formless form, as far as he was concerned is only a concept which is the end result of his concept of Lord Vishnu. To him they are like things he sees in his dreams.

Harinamakeerthanam - P. Leela

Hari Nama Keerthanam is a medieval devotional and philosophical text in Malayalam. Salutations to lord Narayana, Those who read this, Prayer which sings of the religion, Without pride and jealousy, Would surely attain salvation, And also will lead the poet to salvation. His translation of Adhyathma Ramayanam Kili Pattu and Mahabaratham are revered treasures in almost all houses in Kerala even today. For this reason, the alphabet starts with this sound - Aa.

Ezhuthachan, if he decides to worship a God with the form, makes it clear that he would like to worship Vishnu. Passion, anger, miserliness, longing, exuberance and competitive spirit are the six enemies. This possibly is a justification for preferring to worship Lord Vishnu. He cut off the nose of Surpanaka as Rama and made a Hunch backed lady in to a pretty one as Krishna.

Hari Nama Keerthanam

Ezhuthachan shows his reverence to his teacher and also tells us that this great work, is going to help people cross the sea of births and deaths. Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was a Malayali writer. Salutations to Narayana, Like a bubble in water, This being travels from, sibelius crack The life in the womb.

All those who hears this prayer being sung, And even those who read one word of this poem, Would not fall in the ocean of birth and deaths. Here Ezhuthachan brings out the need to worship and realize the formless god. Onnayi ninneyiha randennu kandalavi, Yunadyi orindal batha mindavathalla mama, Pande kanakku varuvan nin krupa valikal, Undakayengaliha narayanaya nama. Who hid himself and killed by an arrow, Another son of Indra. Maya or illusion hides the fact that God is only one and makes us feel that this entire universe is real.

Ezhuthachan states the premise of the philosophy of advaita in very simple words. Similarly a Gandharva named Huhu was cursed by Devala to become a crocodile. Ezhuthachan here advocates pure Bhakti and chanting of holy names, He says that there is no need for any other thing to be done. Indradhymna, a Pandya prince upon being cursed by Sage Agasthya became the elephant named Gajendra.

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Harinamakeerthanam Tathwabodhini (Malayalam PDF)

It is believed that when one reaches the Lotus with thousand petals, one hears a remarkable musical sound which is a heavenly experience. Researchers think that he learned these aspects of religion from Tamil Nadu.

Both illusion and the power to create, look after and punish is ascribed to Lord Vishnu. Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari, My mind is traveling in this path of solitude, Aimed at getting the devotion of unalloyed saints. Be pleased Oh God, Construct a play ground in my mind, And play there. In one of the verses, he mentions that his Guru was Neelakanta Somayaji.