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Happy Tree Friends

But when someone quickly skates past Flaky, she gets filled with determination, and lets go of the wall. The ants start cheering at their victory at the end.

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Cuddles then notices Nutty following him, and screams in shock at the realization. When Toothy is drilling, the drill's battery goes dead, much to his disappointment. Disco Bear eats deep fried butter, causing him to suffer a heart attack.

While The Mole is photographing for the newspaper, Splendid has to save many people who need to be rescued. Toothy begins to scream as his body starts getting sliced into pieces by the fan.

As the anvil sinks down, Sniffles is about to get pulled in as well. Further down the slope, Lumpy can be seen relaxing on a hammock, apparently getting his holidays mixed up when he's wearing beach attire. Before the episode ends, the bird poops on Toothy's head. Lumpy's prized corn that he has been raising for years is sabotaged by a crow.

Nutty didn't quite manage to dodge the beehive, and now he has his whole head stuck inside. As Splendid takes his clothes to the laundry, he has too much washing to stop in there. Handy jerks back his head in anguish as the bottle is now lodged into one of his eye sockets. Despite being trapped, Nutty has a treat in his mouth, and enjoys the treat.

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Shifty cold-heartedly throws Lifty out of the balloon, where he is gruesomely impaled on a pine tree through his mouth, spreading his organs on the branches like a Christmas tree. Fliqpy, in camouflage to the tree behind Toothy, grabs Toothy's head, and gives it a big twist, which snaps his neck. Can he save his furry friends in time? In addition to the show's five seasons and a spin-off, there have been some special episodes and shorts.

Determined, Nutty slides his hand through the slot to get his treat, only to have his arm ripped off. Giggles starts screaming, and Splendid hears her call and goes to save her. Satisfied, Pop tries to turn the shaver back on, but to no avail.

Lumpy the magician does the saw someone in half trick on Cuddles and gets him sliced. Inside the whale with darkness surrounding him, Russell lights a match to light up his surroundings. An interactive video featuring Nutty and Lumpy playing milk pong. The Mole, who is blind, is set up on a blind date.

Happy Tree Friends (TV series)

He whistles and walks away, trying to look innocent. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Mime calls the firefighters for help, but things don't go well.

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Leaving the iron pressed down on his shirt, Lumpy then moves over to a mixer where he begins making a cake. Sniffles attempts to eat The Ant Family. Thin, circular portions of his body are sliced as he screams in pain. With Toothy wriggling and shaking his body in pain, Mime proceeds to re-position his leg. Lifty and Shifty steal some meat for lunch, but get their just desserts in the end.

Nutty is a patient of Toothy the dentist. Pop plugs the shaver back in, and it starts tearing the inside of Cub's mouth, throat, and eventually his esophagus to pieces. Despite getting a small cut on his upper lip, Russell manages to reel in his catch with one tug. Fascinated, Sniffles proceeds to eat the ant.

Back on Earth, Lumpy makes the best of his situation by relaxing in a chair and holding his sock over a fire. Realizing this, Cub looks under the mower and finds the brick lodged between the blades. Giggles and Petunia happily sit at their lemonade stand, awaiting customers.

At just that moment, word perfect software a happy and hungry Flippy opens the door. Trick-or-treating takes a beating when Flippy flips and runs over all the Happy Tree Friends while transporting some nuclear waste. An old buried inanimate object kills the Happy Tree Friends!

Several characters are seen inside a crane machine prize game. Pop and Cub get ready to enter. Nutty's rotten tooth is one of only a few teeth that aren't torn out. After the events of the previous episode, the survivors are stranded on a deserted island.

Once Flippy flips out, and becomes his alter ego, Fliqpy, he throws a knife through the woodpecker's chest, killing it. The same happens to Petunia, who had bumped into an electric fence, electrocuting her, and her body movements mimic a robot, with Disco Bear dancing along.

It's all-around fun on the Merry-go-round until things spiral out of control! Fascinated, Sniffles decides to catch some ants to eat.

Still Alive An Inconvenient Tooth (Ep

She falls on and gets impaled by the gear lever of the bus. Cuddles jumps into a small pond, having a relaxing swim. The anchor belongs to Lumpy, who is enjoying a day of fishing.

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While doing so, the bus runs over a bump in the road. Unfortunately, as Flaky sits down, her quills pop the raft, causing the raft to start sinking as a shark swims along. After several unsuccessful attempts, Russell manages to light the match, only for Lumpy to sneeze it out, angering Russell. Eventually, the rocket stops moving upwards.

Happy Tree Friends - Season 1

As Petunia is still screaming, Fliqpy shoves her face back onto the grill, burning the exposing nerves of her face with her screaming. Each half-hour episode of the television series consisted of three seven-minute segments.

Cub reaches the bottom of the slide, and the Idol lands in his hands, causing him to be crushed by a rock at the top of the slide. Lumpy, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Flaky, and Petunia make an instructional video for new members of the ski patrol. Several knives and forks pierce his legs and one of his arms.