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When do you think you will be back? This wasn't Eric by all means. All the playing is very well done and it's obvious that everybody's having a good time. Value it at zero, if you wish.

Still, it's just one of those cases where you must close your eyes on a certain flaw. But what about the others? The artist is given the highest rating when I see that on a particular album he's doing things which he likes to do and at which he's best.

This is my - and everybody else's - main complaint, and it mars the excitement indeed. Still, that don't retract me from the good feelings about the album. Nevertheless, he's been asked to do a good load of soundtracks over the years, and as far as I know, he rarely turned down the opportunity. There are simply no bad performances here. Very routine-looking stuff.

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More Than Words

No sooner do we abandon the love themes and turn ourselves to straight blues playing than we have absolute, gorgeous, breathtaking classics! The Words and Music of John Lennon.

This is a very even, smooth, and unexciting record - you have to really let it sink deep deep down into you to enjoy it fully. It's just such a rare example of a career when most of the live performances are way, way above the studio recordings. Modern-sounding, but not cheesy in the least. Clapton has appeared in an advertisement for the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

It is a ballad built around acoustic guitar work by Nuno Bettencourt and the vocals of Gary Cherone with harmony vocals from Bettencourt. And these guys certainly did not need no vocalist-frontman - their credo was mainly instrumental.

But a more modest hypothesis would be that all these other guys, as good as they were, found their niches in other areas - singing, experimenting with wacky sounds, or just writing awesome melodies. It's just that it's far more consistent. The song's music video was filmed in black and white and was produced and directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

Did the guy ever do this live? Fortunately enough, the record ends with a lovely acoustic ballad title track that, controversially, is also the shortest. But if it's his solo stuff, starting from Derek and the Dominos, that we're talking of, then I, for one, hold exactly the opposite opinion.

It does have some highlights, though. Heavily blues-influenced, the album features the twin lead guitars of Clapton and Duane Allman, with Allman's slide guitar as a key ingredient of the sound. Basically, I just called it idiotic for the continuous betrayal of Eric's guitar identity and dismissed most of the songs because they were generic, pointless and inessential. Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Beyond. Not to mention that it's fast and danceable - although in concert, Eric would change the arrangement to slow and moody, for unclear reasons.

Surely it had been written by that time? It starts with Pat Badger turning off his amplifier and putting down his bass, and Paul Geary putting down his drumsticks. To say it leaves me breathless is to say nothing. The bad news is that there's still too much filler on the record.

Clapton met Harrison and became close friends with him after the Beatles shared a bill with the Clapton-era Yardbirds at the London Palladium. Of course, it also goes to show that by then Eric still hadn't developed his vocal style.

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More Than Words Eric Clapton. Musician singer songwriter record producer. At least, not in he wasn't.

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The similarity in surnames gave rise to the erroneous belief that Clapton's real surname is Clapp Reginald Cecil Clapton was the name of Rose's first husband, Eric Clapton's maternal grandfather. Worth buying at least because of the fact that never ever was there again such a supergroup as this, crystal reports installer and nowhere else will you hear Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend playing and singing together. It tries to represent all facets of Eric's shows but fails to represent any adequately'.

Eric Clapton - More Than Words - Ouvir M sica

Eric Clapton

Most of the songs, as one can easily guess, are widely and largely extended and could easily have passed for simple and boring lengthy wank-a-thons. Trucks remained on set afterward and performed with Clapton's band throughout his performances. Like I said, the man wears his heart on practically everything he puts out - even if it's backed by a techno beat. Clapton has been referred to as one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

Clapton would also get together with the Bee Gees for charity. The was only the second electric guitar Clapton bought. Eric Clapton More Than Words.