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National Boards Dental Exam - Dental Assistant Program

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In reality the cardiac enzymes just establishes the timeline of cardiac injury or the beginning of another infarction and confirms the diagnostic. There is no better way of understanding than by reading the books you followed during you graduation years. Overall I felt somewhat confident when I was done. Mosby questions, Now wat else i should read?

We had two units over general anatomy and the rest of the class was just head and neck. Due to current regulations of online sharing of material being banned everyone is exercising caution in sending these documents online.

The Official NBDE Part I Thread

There is a lot of discusion about another marker called heart type fatty acid binding protein which rises hour after heart damage, but it has not been discussed extensively. With this restoration, I took the picture before I put in the proximal boxes on the mesial and distal to take care of the unsupported enamel. Just go through the questions, mark the ones you get wrong or guessed on, review them, and then do a second pass. Studying has also been quite a transition. These teeth have simulated caries in them.

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Well, I think that is all I have for this post. The most helpful activity was the current student panel. Magan, All you read is great, just keep on revising it as many times as you can, before the exam. Are there any books that you would recommend? If you have any notes or study materials could you please email them to me?

Yep, that is quite a long day to be sitting in the same room. So that is what I have been doing. Though not an essential but this is a detailed resource and definitely takes a lot of time. The releases go all the way up to N, which is a series of questions from the board exams.

National Boards Dental Exam - Dental Assistant Program

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thank you for a very informative blog. It also gives detailed explanations of the answers for each question.

Dental decks pdf Download - Link 4share

This is such a cool way to learn organisms. We have our first phys test this coming Friday so I wanted to be up to date.

After one initial pass, I recommend you go through the dental stuff and create a big chart for yourself. The American Student Dental Association has compiled these questions and sells them on their website. In terms of studying, I started casually in early November going through the Dental Boards Mastery app. Most people seem to complain that like Decks, software for pc it simply has too much information.

Do you know where we can find the Kaplan Review Notes that you discuss in your first point? We were practicing with different opacities of material to match a real tooth. You can take it with you when you are on the go and just answer questions. Hello Doctor, As I posted the tips on the website, they hold true for everyone who plans to take National Boards.

Hit those subjects hard, the book covers most things pretty well. You can also try downloading them from links available online, if not possible you can contact me, I can send them too. Thanx so much for any response!

This book, like Decks, seems to be losing ground a bit with dental students. Just like Kaplan review you can follow decks entirely but then it is an individual choice.

Dental decks pdf Download - Link 4share

You can also try to get old paper copies from previous test takers if the paper copies are essential for your preparation. Needed some help, i have most of the study material except the asda papers. We started treating operative and preventive patients which is pretty awesome. The app keeps track of what you get right and wrong, which subjects to work on and different categories within the subjects that you are weakest.

Your email address will not be published. If I get around to posting mine on here, I will try to remember to link it to this thread for others to view. Then, when you feel ready, take a test or two and see how you did. Please ask questions if you find some information missing in it. Still so much to figure out.