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Emma ultimately stands Will up at the altar and disappears, and although Finn helps Will find her, he still feels guilty over the kiss, and confesses to Will. They are about to become fathers, with Rachel as their surrogate.

What It's Like Dating With Asperger's

They may speak without weighing how their words will affect others. But later, both of them decide to have their own space for some time and Blaine decides to share a room with Sam, who has also moved to New York. There is more of a connection between these two things than you might think.

He is usually characterized as being extremely intelligent, detail-oriented, eccentric, and occasionally disturbing. One of the glee club members, Marley Rose, tells Finn he was a good teacher, and he soon enrolls in college to pursue a teaching degree. Kurt gets an internship at Vogue.

Santana later gets back together with Brittany in the final season, and marries her, along with Blaine and Kurt. Are you an adult with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's? The duet ends in another fight between them and Finn asks them to reveal their greatest fear to each other. In the third season, Finn proposes to Rachel and she eventually accepts.

At the end of season two, they renew their relationship after Nationals in New York, though Rachel warns Finn she will be returning to New York for good after she graduates. She is eventually able to walk again, and even to dance in performance with the glee club.

They get married along with Brittany and Santana. He hooks up with Blaine at Will and Emma's wedding though he insists that they are not back together.

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He and Carole marry, using their vows to express pride in their sons. In the third episode, Mercedes quits the glee club and joins the new, rival McKinley show choir, the Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran, later recruiting Santana and Brittany to join her.

The test proves that Ryder is dyslexic. At some point after going to junior prom together, Sam and Mercedes start to secretly date. What she intends is not to merely be in Beth's life, but to get full custody of her daughter.

He later starts dating Kitty, who encourages him to keep their affair secret. In the series finale, they are dating once again. When Jake and Marley begin dating, Ryder struggles with his feelings for her. He is dating cheerleader Quinn, twilight star dating but is conflicted by his growing feelings for Rachel.

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He feels left out when Burt and Finn bond, but Burt reassures him that he will always come first. However, valuing his friendship with Jake and Marley's happiness, Ryder decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for them. Though he is the primary candidate for being the valedictorian, he loses it to Blaine as a result of his sacrifice for Tina. After graduation, on the day of their wedding, Finn drives her to the train station and announces she will be going to New York without him. After confessing to Kurt of his infidelity, Kurt severs all ties.

She is hurt when he rejects her, but supportive when he confides his sexuality. He does drink, mostly beer, but is a loving father who is trying to understand his intellectually gifted son. And he stays for Regionals on Blaine's insistence.

Some of the guys think that's awesome and they say he shouldn't feel ashamed. The two then begin a relationship. She develops a brief obsessive crush on Blaine, but it is later diminished and turns into a close friendship. She orders her football team to play the Jets in the show.

Quinn subsequently receives a college acceptance letter from Yale. Blaine lies to Kurt that he gets to perform in a showcase which is organised by June for Blaine. He has a high vocal range, and is identified by Fox as a soprano singer.

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She starts dating Brittany. Rachel auditions for Funny Girl and she gets the role. Quinn comes back for two episodes during the fifth season and becomes Puck's girlfriend again. He finds Amy on a date with Dave, who has a great adoration for Sheldon because of his intellect. Blaine moves in with Kurt.