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These are some of the questions this study will attempt to answer. However, linguists have succeeded in delineating these two subfields. The driving force of every humour is language or one of the basic aspects of humour is language. Just like another in general, Dijk opines that speech act sequencing requires planning and interpretation. The problem to be resolved in this research is covered in the research questions below.

It will serve as a resource material for students, teachers and future researchers who may want to carry out similar research in pragmatics. Transgender Prisoner transferred to male prison after having sex with female inmate. Brown is, however, particular in his definition because he does not see politeness as general.

Morris attempts to separate semantics, pragmatics and syntax in the evaluation of linguistic meaning by also noting their point of convergence. The hypothetical person lacking a sense of humour would likely find the behaviour induced by humour to be inexplicable, strange or even irrational. This study is a descriptive analysis of the language of comedy from a pragmatic approach.

The videos that are uploaded can also be viewed repeatedly. Pragmatic theory has drawn inspiration from logic. It is in line with this that pragmatics is seen as covering those areas uncovered by semantics. YouTube can be a trigger for a crisis, since hundreds or thousands of people can reach it.

Other scientific movements that nourished pragmatics include anthropology B. Learner abandons car, flees after killing someone in Satellite, Lagos Photos. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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One wonders what act they perform whenever they use language and what are the issues of politeness that describe their language use? The two dimensions of communication and aboutness correspond to two constraints, communicative and informational. Language can be manipulated for stylistic and humorous effect. It is, however, important to mention that, more often than not, one theory of locutionary description serves as bedrock for another.

Pragmatics has a wide coverage of language use ranging from speech acts, cooperative principles, sequencing, to politeness principles and so on. Sacks and European sociology J. Foul language can put off a person.

In literature, humour is mostly satiric as writers try to lampoon, satirize or use sarcasm to change certain societal excesses. When comedians use language, what acts are they performing? This study is an analysis of the pragmatics of comedy. Of course, there were and are differences of opinion on where exactly to draw the line between semantics and pragmatics. The data for this study is drawn from YouTube streaming and the reactions from the viewers to elicit the perlocution.

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Nigerian Comedian Bovi Denies Drake Contact After Joshua s Defeat

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It discusses, among other things, issues of politeness in pragmatics, speech act theory, the place of humour in pragmatics, pragmatics in the media, island games for pc and the biographies of Bovi and Basket Mouth. Toke Makinwa slams Bovi for joking about her backside. Rich comedians are making a living off cracking jokes in Nigeria today among which Bovi and Basket Mouth have made names for themselves.

Jokes and humorous statements can stir up trouble if not applied to the right context. Do you know what is weird actually? Things to Know while Travelling from Lagos to Dubai.

These questions motivated this study. What are the types of acts performed in the language of comedy? Fraser seems to hold a similar opinion and states that this approach has few adherents in the current research on politeness. You might also like More from author. This study will try to examine the place of speech acts in the language of comedy.

But if it is given a narrow coverage- cognitive meaning, then they are different parts that constitute the study of meaning as whole parts-to-whole. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


This explains the strained relationship between the former first lady and veteran standup comedian, Ali Baba. Some thirty years elapsed before pragmatics finally made its way into modern linguistics in the late s, when linguists began to explore the performance phenomena. For a lay person, to be polite means, one must not be rude or offensive. Evangelist set to marry chorister he met at outreach in Cameroon photos. The year-old Joshua had posted a picture with Drake back in March, and vowed to break the Drake Curse.

However, with regard to the language of comedy, one wonders if politeness can ever find its way to the ways comedians manipulate language to elicit perlocution from their audience. This study is limited to the areas of politeness principles and speech acts in describing the language of comedy. It is not uncommon knowledge about the role of comedy in society. Speech act theory which examines the use of language to perform a variety of functions is an aspect of pragmatic study. This holds for its readings in everyday discourse as well as in scholarly contexts.

Also, one has to be choosy about words while conveying something. Scholars generally conceive of Pragmatics as the study of meaning in context from the angle of the speaker. Since the pragmatic turn, pragmatics has developed more rapidly and diversely as a linguistic discipline. Nonetheless, when people refer to attitudes and modes of behaviour as pragmatic, they mean that they have a factual kind of orientation in common.

Context in humour is vital and this is where pragmatics may come in. Are there politeness issues in the language of comedy? It is used to socialise or to desocialise, to organise or disorganise, to cause affection or disaffection, to start war or to maintain peace, to foster harmony or disharmony, and so on. Others believe that the appropriate use of humour can facilitate social interactions. This sequence must satisfy the usual conditions for action sequence.

To be polite also means, one must not be rude or offensive. The former deals with the phonics sound of a language and the latter deals with the graphs or the written letters of the language. This is what underlies politeness theory.

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