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But he had that moustache and that in turn meant he was surrounded by chicks in bikinis all the time. As time went on and we developed easier ways to attain these things, hair almost vanished entirely from our bodies, except for a few people you see on the beach and getting very sweaty at clubs. Like Michael Bay unwatchable. Some say that if it was deliberate disobedience it could result in time in prison.

The most likely cause of the command being dropped in was because it would be ignored in the trenches during the war and could prevent a gas mask from sealing properly. To put that in context, it would be like you going as Casey Anthony and her daughter. Now what that message is may differ from man to man. Magnum could get your mom in the sack without even asking. What was the key to his success?

It was the way of the world back then. Ever since Cocoon and numerous oatmeal commercials, people have tried to portray Wilford Brimley as either a kindly grandfather or a walrus.

The rule was no longer in affect. Facial hair is a throwback to our evolutionary ancestors. The rest of us take the day off work when we have a hangover. Commanding officers since then have upheld the mustache tradition, taking it very seriously. The chin and under lip will be shaved, but not the upper lip.

Avoid his moustache at all costs. The single most badass President in the history of the Unite States, Teddy Roosevelt, as you can see, literally rode moose. Our ape-like brethren who needed to club one another about the head and shoulders in order to secure shelter, food and hump buddies. It is estimated eight out of ten males in the south sprout the hair on their upper lip. Or at least he survived it.

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If you know surrealism, you know Dali. You need to say it with hair. They are acquiring an aura of their own.

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It was noted Sir Nevil Macready was the first to openly shave off his mustache, stating his own personal dislike for it. If you know cheesy poster prints of famous paintings or Looney Tunes cartoons that featured that annoying Dodo bird, you may inadvertently known Dali. That takes equal parts balls and douche. By the World War I the seriousness of the mustache declined or perhaps the queens of that day and era were not as into it.

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He carried a gun on his hip in the White House and he was a champion boxer, so he could kill you with his hands when his feet and gun got tired. It was reported they were offered cash to grow a mustache. Bill Clinton rode an intern. They are creating a positive impression on the local people and getting a lot of respect.

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Are security guards and policeman more intimidating with mustaches? And now, cuvantul lui dumnezeu pentru astazi online dating the most intimidating moustaches of all! The only reason any man has a moustache is to send a message.

Unlike other famed, moustache-less investigators, your Batmen, your Sam Spades, your Phillip Marlowes, Magnum never had a shit to give. Roosevelt was shot and had malaria once.

The north have drifted away from the fashion, while the south are strongly pro-mustache. Chaplin wore the moustache because he thought it was funny. By the transitive property of us not understanding what transitive properties are, Chaplin thought it was funny that his moustache was a machine of human suffering. Un Chien Andalou is unwatchable.