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Tom, Jerry and Robyn arrive at Robyn's summer cabin built by her father, but Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand have arrived first. Just when it appears that they have found friendship however, the duo resume their antics once Robyn and her dad are out of sight to which the film ends as Tom chases Jerry once again. Starling is alerted of his daughter's situation and rushes back to America to find her.

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Fortunately, the duo barely survive and are rescued by Mr. Despite Robyn's misgivings, Tom and Jerry persuade her to return home. Starling arrives in his helicopter. The house is then demolished the next morning with Tom going back inside to rescue Jerry thus leaving them both homeless.

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In the ensuing scuffle, a lantern is accidentally knocked over thus setting the cabin on fire. Tom and Jerry manage to get Robyn to the roof just as Mr.

Who is Anndi McAfee dating? Anndi McAfee boyfriend, husband

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Elated, one dream boy dating sims game Robyn becomes determined to find her father in Tibet and they escape the city on a raft in the river but the raft is struck by a ship and they end up separated. Starling is unable to reach Tom and Jerry in time before the cabin collapses.

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