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Unfortunately, students often think of microorganisms in negative terms. And, of course, microbes are essential to making many foods we enjoy, such as bread, cheese, is fluorine dating relative or absolute formula and wine.

Bacterial infections can breakdown skin and organs. Bacteria re bioengineered for the production of proteins like insulin, growth hormones and also antibodies. Without microbial decomposer communities, life would be smothered in dead organisms. Bacteria produce foul smell due to their decomposing products. Bacteria are the only organisms that can fix atmospheric nitrogen.

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When bacteria enter the host body, it lowers the immune system of the body which makes path to various bacteria into the body. Some plant diseases caused by bacteria are fire blight of apples, crown gall disease of crops, etc. In chemical industries bacteria are used for production of pure chemicals. Bacteria can degrade a variety of organic compounds and so they can be used in processing waste and bioremediation.

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Syphilis is a bacterial disease caused by sexual contact. Bacteria are beneficial to clean up oil spills by the process of bioremediation. Some bacteria living on our skin do not harm humans but when harmful bacteria land on the skin, they can out compete the new species for food and space. Some bacterial diseases in man are diphtheria, leprosy, tetanus, syphilis, plague, cholera, anthrax, etc.

Bacteria are also used for bioremediation process of toxic wastes from industries. Although reducing disease transmission is important for individual and community health, students also need to understand the beneficial contributions microbes and microbial communities provide. The speakers were of both genders and a range of ages, illustrating that science is carried out by different people. Bacteria can be easily modified genetically and are use in gene transfer techniques.

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Microbial communities make the essential elements of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur available for other life on our planet. Bacteria are the major class of decomposers. Bacteria cause diseases and infection. Bacteria are the major reason for causing fermentation of milk into curd and wine into vinegar. Plague and tuberculosis are air borne disease, tetanus is contracted by wounds.

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Thus, they are essential to all living forms on earth. Some bacterial infections like Pneumonia can sometimes cause death.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bacteria