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Fat girls generally don't get as much attention from guys, so when they do, they are more appreciative. Better chance they will be nice, friendly, not stuck-up, not bitchy, will laugh at the guy's jokes, etc.

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They are not choosing wisely. But because she is fat, other guys may pass her over. Is this due to a lower self esteem? Or, less likely to resist sexual advances. There could be a number of reasons.

In Brazil, for instance, that is standard. Bigger ones just draw more attention and fascination initially.

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Just because a guy is skinny doesn't mean he is good looking, or funny, or nice, or has a good personality. Who would a guy choose, a thin bald girl, byu dating site or a fat girl with great hair?

More likely to want to do something sexual, since she probably doesn't get to as often. Besides, your standards isn't everybody elses standards.

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Maybe thin girls don't like him for other reasons, but a fat girl is willing to go out with him because she is not getting better offers. What's important is that a girl a has breasts, and b gives the guy access to them! Is the girl body proportional, toned or flabby, healthy or out of shape?

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They may find a curvy girl more sexy. More importantly is her depth, style, grace, who she is as a woman, as a human, as someone I respect enough to share my life with. My personal preference is that I want a woman with curves, not just bones and sex organs. Need to get your priorities straight, or one day you will wake up in a corvette, with a comb over, still looking for that perfect hottie.

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He obviously noticed you were fat but chose to pursue you. In fact, she could have an extremely pretty face. Well, you aren't a guy, you aren't in his mind. Fat girls tend to have bigger breasts. That's the physical though.

While I usually do well at find attractive girls the fact of the matter is simple. As life goes on, as we age, that means exactly dic. Same for that entitlement girl with the hot legs, hiked up skirt and low cut shirt twriking on the dance floor.

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