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In the high desert, on the Rockies western slope, the Mesas tower over the town of Grand Junction, Colo. An update on the Tricia Pacaccio murder investigation near Chicago, as well as two other slayings and a brutal attack near Los Angeles. The bill is named after Holley Lynn James, a constituent of Rep. We are not expecting opening statements or evidence to be heard until early May.

  • Tim and Stephanie Farrell are one of the two sad statistics of this story.
  • Being a teen-ager can be difficult.
  • We hear the food and scandal is delicious!
  • Andrea Canning and the Dateline squad are bringing us a tear jerking episode right at the jump of the new year.
  • Leisa Hurst was a single mother trying to raise her two daughters.

The murder of Catherine Woods, an aspiring Broadway dancer whose throat was slashed in her New York apartment, is investigated. What will life in the next century be like? He was arrested in for the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy, his neighbor.

2. She was a fashion student

  1. He could be a good listener and a good parent.
  2. They soon uncover a secret love triangle and a mystery with multiple suspects.
  3. Believing you know who the killer is, but not being able to prove it.

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Her husband was convicted of murdering the spouse of one of her former employees. By all accounts, Matt Mathews can be a charming, intelligent man. Her cell phone records show it was last used p. Maraglino and Perez decided that Jessica Lopez needed to take the fall for her death and they coerced Jessica into not only admitting to the murder but also to take her own life. When Fred Jablin, a beloved Richmond University professor and devoted father, goes out to retrieve the morning newspaper on Oct.

Russell Obremski was a cold-blooded killer, convicted of murdering two innocent women, one of whom who was eight months pregnant. An investigation into so-called private-eye soccer moms and the man who recruited them. And can such a person be rehabilitated?

What happened to the Rafay family one summer night in brought tragedy and mystery to a quiet neighborhood in Bellevue, Wash. Today, it is the mystery surrounding her death. There is no mystery about who killed Brenda Shaefer. But he had been living a double life, dating Joyce Fransson, a woman he met while attending Barstow college.

Grab some nacho fries and strap in for this very, very, questions to ask before dating very special episode of A Date With Dateline. Obsession and sexual fantasy. Please enjoy the conclusion of this story with some extra bonus topics thrown in!

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His very life may depend on it. When a wealthy businessman starts working with two of them, a chain of events is set in motion that leaves one of them dead, another arrested for murder. If you are struggling to recall this tragic tale of family scandal, a recap of this episode is included at the end of the segment. Robert Epstein, a year-old bachelor and Harvard-trained psychology professor, is determined to fall in love - deep love, even married love - and even if it's with a stranger.

All that plus an unforgettable white sweater vest, yet another questionable teen ruining things for everyone, and lessons in proper etiquette and attire when going to Walmart for your kill kit. Can police work quickly enough to catch the suspect? What causes someone to become a serial killer? My love and I gave datenightvip a trial run. As a Hollywood screenwriter, model and actress, Angela Shelton lives much of her life on film.

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Can you return your Generosity size jeans for a full refund and if not can you exchange for a Resourcefulness in the boyfriend cut? Andrea Canning reports on the murder of former Mayor of York Melvin and maybe makes a new friend in the process? In fact, she only offered information after Chiapulis implicated her in the cover-up. Over his life, year-old David Pecard has had many careers.

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He had a gorgeous home in Bozeman, Mont. Attorney Chris Darden, who gained fame as a member of the prosecution team during the O. Join us for a Thanskgiving size episode of a Date with Dateline! Get started on a super easy, personalized daily vitamin subscription!

Yet, investigators think the suspect might be much closer to the victim. Did you know that one in three American familites is victimed by fraud each year? The crimes were allegedly committed by Michael Gargiulo, marijuana who knew or lived near all four victims.

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Imagine that you have an incurable disease and you are searching for a solution. Correspondent Lesley Stahl reported on their remarkable reunion. Many people think of con artists as charismatic rakes, why join online criminals who don't really hurt anyone. There are now dozens of doctors in the U.

But when hours turn into days and weeks, or even months and years, there's desperation and a willingness to look anywhere for answers. During the early morning hours of Nov. During the early morning hours of Feb.

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His house of cards was about to fold. Mafia chieftain John Gotti's family speaks candidly about life inside the mob. Before the accident, the Hills appeared to be living the extremely good life outside Orlando, Fla.

Please enjoy this very, very, is it very special trip down memory lane in this Independence Day episode of A Date With Dateline! Josh Mankiewicz reports on the new trial that had both sides of the courtroom bracing for what would come next. Correspondent Troy Roberts reports. Texas is known for doing everything big.

Chris Evans was your dorky Mystery Date before he was Captain America

Biosingularity Advances in biological systems. This episode of Dateline truly had it all. The third will be sentenced at a later date. Fourteen-year-old Michael Crowe of Escondido, Calif.

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But to attain this status, aspiring supermodel Yoanna House, a year-old nanny from Jacksonville, Fla. These monsters can appear to be polite, likable people. The verdict in the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy is the focus. Larry Risken was a Navy officer.

Lizz elaborates and provides updates on the case against her mother, Sandra Melgar, who was wrongfully accused and convicted in Texas of a murder she did not commit. Correspondent Harold Dow reports. So scared, that when the police questioned her, she offered no information that could have led to finding the remains for months. Keith Morrison is at the top of his poetic storytelling game as he reports on two cases from a beautiful Oregon town living in fear of a killer hiding within its walls.

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